Relay is a provider of E-Reception and answering service applications and dispatching tools. Learn more about E-Reception Answering Service. E-Reception and Voice Mail Assistance with Tree Service.

E - Reception Answering Services

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Professional Answering Services Offered:

Answering Services - 24/7
Web Order Taking
Dispatching - Cell, Email, Text, App's
Funeral Answering Services
Whistle Blower Hotline Services
Elevator Emergency Call Dispatching
2-Way Radio Services and Repeaters
Voice Mail and Privacy Numbers
R.S.V.P. Response Line
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A Nationwide Call Center
with a local touch      
since 1968           
Every Hour - Every Day

Create the image for your customers.  Our E-Receptionist
             can locate your staff quickly and efficiently and Relay can reach the
             appropriate people as needed to help meet the needs of your

Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses:
  • Call Processing -   E  receptionist
  • direct calls to any location which can include auto-attendant with a customized professionally recorded greeting, multi-level menus, voicemail, faxing, conferencing, and administrative tools for tracking usage and managing users and callers.
  • we can forward calls to mobile phones and can include conferencing, voice mailing, faxing, and many other features which are all accessible by web, phone, existing e-mail, or faxing.
  • Relay becomes the Chief Receptionist to handle and forward your calls as if you were in a
    corporate building complex.

Other Related Services:


help desk Relay can provide authorized information from you to your callers, customers, or patients about any topic relative to
     your organization or question they have.

 updates and changes for answering servicesRelay can make updates or changes to your information at any time with your permission.

 step by step instructionsRelay can provide step-by-step directions in assembling or returning an item, submitting a warranty, insurance,
     medical or repair claim, or providing an instructions manual or “help” web site.

 dispatchingRelay can send you a help desk message to contact your customer if their questions go beyond what we can do for


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